Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

The Scenarios

RACT is developing a 30-year vision for mobility in Greater Hobart because we want to achieve the following for our capital city:

An accessible city.
A people-focused city.
A future-ready city.

To achieve this vision, an expert panel was established to shortlist 70 submissions made by RACT members, stakeholder organisations and interested members of the public.

Five possible scenarios were developed, each with their own strengths, weaknesses and areas of focus.

We are currently working through the final stages of developing our vision and plan to launch it by the end of March 2019.

Scenario 1

Predict and Provide

This is a “business as usual” scenario for Greater Hobart, with a “predict and provide” approach to roads and parking.


Scenario 2


Scenario 2 supports large-scale investment in road infrastructure to alleviate congestion.


Scenario 3

Mode shift

Scenario 3 encourages a mode shift to public and active transport.


Scenario 4


Scenario 4 is an overhaul of mobility in the Greater Hobart Area.


Scenario 5

River City

Scenario 5 converts Hobart into a water-centred city with heavy reliance on the River Derwent as the primary means of mobility.