Getting There

RACT will stand behind the Greater Hobart Mobility Vision and use it as a platform to advocate to all tiers of government, other relevant stakeholders and achieve community support. The Vision is informed by evidence, expertise and the community and RACT will be working to ensure the goals and initiatives contained in the Vision are fulfilled.

The RACT Greater Hobart Mobility Vision will only be achieved if approached collaboratively with a full understanding of opportunities and challenges.

RACT is calling on:

  • Local government to act in the best interests of the Greater Hobart area and not exclusively on issues relevant to their respective municipality. Councils all have a great deal of influence over parking, speed treatments, active transport connections and engaging the community – all of which can improve city-wide mobility.
  • The Tasmanian Government to approach the better movement of people in a way that is evidence-based and removed from the political environment. The Government is the gatekeeper of many major transport initiatives that require significant funding and coordination with varied stakeholders.
  • The Australian Government to further recognise the importance of Hobart in a national sense and direct funding accordingly. Hobart is internationally regarded as a hub for arts and culture, food and drink and a gateway to many World Heritage sites. An enhanced mobility network will help facilitate growth in these areas.