Behaviour Change

Government, business and the community need to support the introduction of new mobility options. Hobart’s transport network cannot improve without behaviour change. This takes time, alternatives and a willingness to change.   

For Greater Hobart, reducing the proportion of people that use a private vehicle to get to work from 84% to 80% within 10 years would be an ambitious but achievable target.

You have told us it is cheaper and faster to sit in congestion and pay for parking than it is to use public transport and that it is just too difficult and/or unsafe to ride a bike to work or school.

Also, the first and last mile barrier is significant – for example, it is difficult to cross Macquarie and Davey streets in peak hour in order to reach current public transport networks to travel home or to work.

Experience is another important factor. People need to be comfortable, connected, well informed, safe and offered modern payment options.

Striking the right balance between experience, cost and time will have a big impact on encouraging those wanting and able to make a change.