Greater Hobart Mobility Vision

Congestion in the Greater Hobart area, particularly during morning and afternoon peaks, continues to worsen. With a predicted population increase of 130,000 in Tasmania in the next 30 years, much of which will be in the Greater Hobart area, we need an overarching, cohesive vision for the future. This vision needs to address a range of areas including infrastructure, future mobility and emerging technologies, engineering, urban planning, active and public transport as well as social and economic impacts.

Below you will find a link to five scenarios that we compiled in consultation with a panel of five experts.

We will use feedback gathered through an extensive consultation period to help us form our final vision, which we will have independently assessed as to its financial, social and practical viability, before releasing it by the end of March 2019.

University of Tasmania is partnering with RACT on the initiative, underpinned by a shared interest in fostering a conversation about how to deliver a future for greater Hobart that is liveable, dynamic and sustainable.